"Duke is an original...no prototype. He walks into every encounter wearing woven textiles of authenticity, integrity and a deep concern for humanity. He speaks in a love language all his own."

Gina Warren / Former VP Diversity & Inclusion at NIKE and EVP People & Culture at lululemon


The heartbeat of Bonfire With Soul is 12 unique principles:

  • This course will run over 3 weeks and is made up of a mixture of live and recorded sessions.
  • We start with a Live Introduction (via Zoom) on Wednesday 28th October, 4 pm (London). This will also be recorded.
  • Lessons are released weekly starting on Thursday 29th October and then Thursday 5th November and Thursday 12th November. Each lesson is roughly 1+ hours in length and covers four principles. The lessons are all built around story and direct experiences.
  • Each week, in tandem with the lessons, we will be releasing four ​Kindling Conversations​* (podcasts) with a diverse and eclectic group of fascinating humans.
  • There are weekly Live Q & A sessions which are time zone appropriate throughout the course.
  • The course will finish with a Live Reflections session on Wednesday 18th November, 4 pm (London). This will also be recorded.
  • For a detailed breakdown of the course timings, please see here.
  • Dedicated Slack workspace for the Bonfire With Soul community.

We are proud to introduce our fire starters.

  • For the big, for the small.
  • For those who have been in business for decades.
  • For those who know a little, but want to learn more.
  • For the optimistic rebels.
  • For the next generation of business leaders.
  • For the underdogs who refuse to settle.
  • For those who climbed to the top of their mountain only to find they climbed the wrong mountain.
  • For those who know culture comes from the heart and not from a spreadsheet.
  • For those who believe business can be:
    - Meaningful
    - Beautiful
    - Human
  • It’s for those who are done with business as usual.

This is an invitation to the other path.

  • Your fellow attendees are from all over the world. You will all be part of a private online community that is bubbling with optimism. And wants to help each other. ​Do not underestimate the power of this.
  • See business through a whole new lens.
  • Know how to apply the learning to your brand.
  • A live Q+A follows every lesson.
  • Special guests provide real-world insights.
  • Join a global community of fellow optimistic rebels.
  • The course is yours for life.



"The world needs more leaders that live at the intersection of what’s right for business and what’s right for society. Duke is one of those people."

Mira Kaddoura / Founder of Red & Co.

"Duke is a creator of ideas, a builder of strategies, who lives at the intersection of Vision and Truth."

Stephanie Howard / Former Design Director at NIKE

"A great storyteller, Duke joined in the midst of the world telling us they had lost trust in Lululemon. Seeing the possibility of the brand's beauty, he brought clarity to what the brand could deliver that the world needs most, ignited internal brand love and invited others to share our experiences, purpose and values. Duke leads his team with heart, unlimited esoteric quotes and stories, and on occasion, a good pour of bourbon."

LP / Former CEO at lululemon

"If I won the lotto, I’d still get up every. Single. Day. To work with Duke Stump. He’s that much fun. I’d stop for coffee first. He’s truly that energetic. I’d bring a notebook. He’s truly that inspiring."

Chrystie Heimert / Former Head of Brand Communications at Seventh Generation and Ben & Jerry’s

"Duke is the gentle tap on the shoulder to remind yourself of your own greatness."

Jian Pablico / Director IDEA (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Action) for Brand and Product at lululemon

"Duke’s special thing is human connection. Be it through conversation he has with you or with a message that resonates across screens, across the world with millions of people."

Spencer Baim / Chief Brand Officer at VICE

"If I was to start a new venture and could pull together a dream team of leaders, Duke would be my first pick. I have never met a more compassionate and thoughtful leader who brings heart to every challenge. He is able to be grounded in the realities of building sustainable business models while developing a highly committed culture. Duke cares about making a difference in people’s lives."

Chris Zimmerman / President St. Louis Blues and former CEO NIKE Bauer

"I started working at Seventh Generation after Duke left (so I never got to meet him), but I can say the same about him that he feels about brands. The fire he lit there was still burning - he had instilled an amazing loyalty in the people left behind. They would tell “Duke stories” about how he saw things, how he approached things, what he did. I always enjoyed them the best."

Chris Middings / Former Employee at Seventh Generation

Duke loves building bonfires with soul: powerful, emotionally charged brands that stand for something meaningful in the world.

Recently cited by Forbes as one of the top 50 Game-Changing CMO’s, Duke has spent the last 30+ years helping to build iconic global brands (NIKE, Seventh Generation, lululemon). In addition, he has served in BOD and mentor roles with The Biomimicry Institute, 21c Hotels, Unreasonable Group, Healthy Child Healthy World and Love Your Brain.

A lover of nature, slow food, horsemanship and yoga, Duke and his family live on a small ranch in idyllic Ojai, CA along with horses, dogs, cats and chickens.

What matters most...

My vision is to spark a revolution of new thought for what it means to be human in business.

That said, the desire and obligation is to make this inaugural Bonfire with Soul adventure aspirational and accessible.

So, for this launch I have decided to give you a couple of options on what you pay.

Choose Your Price.

In the spirit of this course, we are leaving it to you to choose your price.

The Suggested Price.


The transformative power of this course will deliver you value beyond its price. Guaranteed. Or your money back in full. No questions asked.

Some context: This is 0.33% of the cost of Harvard Business School.

A beautiful copy of our Bonfire With Soul Manifesto will be included, free of charge.

The Underdog Price.


We know that times are tough for some people at the moment, so if you feel like this learning could take you to where you need to be, you can pay £300.

What does this look like in USD?

The approximate equivalent in USD is $780 for the Suggested Price and $390 for the Underdog Price.

An open letter to your boss.

If you would like to send a request for your business to pay for this course, we have written this letter for you to use.

Have a look at our template here.

Feel free to share with other Optimistic Rebels!

Here’s to now,




Sales have now closed.

Course starts on Wednesday 28th October at 4pm GMT / 9am PST